Much like Texas in Africa’s this & that, I thought I would do a section on news and blog posts  that I found interesting and you might find interesting.

In Tanzania:

  • Tanzania gets a massive grant to fight HIV&AIDS, Malaria and TB.
  • Tanzania citizens are urged to buy locally.
  • Somewhat old news, but Tanzania approved a $480 million dollar road that cuts through the Serengeti. Some good posts on the cons, but no one is really telling the other side of the story in an indepth way.  There is potential for economic development in the region with the building of this highway and the fixing of old roads (which seems significant, as these area lacks the ability to efficiently sell their crops and other goods to major markets).  Not to say I don’t think it is bad, but the story has to be more complicated than they make it out to be. Maybe the alternative route will go through, and this won’t matter.

Other places around the continent:

The world: