I leave today to do field work for a couple days, so I might not post an update until Monday. As you may have guessed, I will spending my birthday in the field (which I am super excited about!). But, when I get back, Scott (the other intern) and I are hoping to find a pub some where to celebrate. Pictures will come soon!

As I was packing all my things up again today, I thought I’d do a follow up post to packing. For all those curious…

Things I am glad I packed:

  • Granola Bars
  • E-reader (Much like a Kindle, this things holds a large amount of books in a tiny space. Amazing! Best thing an avid traveler can have)
  • Sleeping bag (The hotels you find on budgets like ours… are sometimes not the cleanest)
  • Multiple pairs of dress pants/shirts (I have been wearing them almost everyday to work)
  • Universal adapter
  • Swahili dictionary

Things I wish I would have packed:

  • More Skirts
  • Closed toe dress shoes
  • A lock box/ or suitcase locks
  • A handy laundry basket that folds down (Scott brought one and it is brilliant!)
  • House sitting gifts from Canada
  • Aloe Vera
  • A nice notebook for work
  • Bug spray (Why I didn’t bring that, I will never know!)

Things I could have done without :

  • More than one sweater
  • More than two tank tops (Not super appropriate here)
  • AA Batteries…. I don’t have anything that uses them, which is perplexing
  • And all that stuff I have yet to look at in my suitcase

And, I probably should have cut all my hair off. Man, is it hot here.

But, as I said in a previous post, I think I pretty much covered all my bases. I haven’t ventured out enough here to really see what I can get, but I did find a Dollarama, which should do nicely.