Constant power outages today! Even with a generator, our office has been without power for a significant part of the day … meaning that we can’t use the computer/air conditioning…. the two things that enable one to work in this heat.

To top it all off, today is also my supervisors last (full) day as he leaves tomorrow for Pakistan. I am really sad to see him go, he was a really great boss: very trusting of my work, always tried to give me interesting tasks, and really treated my like a member of the staff/family. That is really rare to find and unfortunately, a replacement will not come for months. But I am happy for him, the post seems really rewarding and much more exciting than here (for one, Pakistan actually has emergencies…)

Despite the power outages, today was semi-productive as we had a meeting at the PMO (see life lesson #1) to hand over some modems and mobile phones that we had procured. Sadly, that only took an hour and then we were back to the heat and no electricity.

By all means I am not complaining. We are really lucky to have a generator at our apartment. We have many friends that aren’t so lucky, and spend a few days a week without power and sometimes, not even water. On the weekend, I was house sitting in the nicer end of town and the power outages at night are even worse. I spent hours in the dark, trying to read with just my nokia phone flash-light.

It sure puts new meaning to this…

The Dark Continent

Besides that, the good news is that we have potentially found a new roommate!

Although, I spent the better part of Saturday trying to organize viewings —- I was only able to secure one. And this viewing, a North Western Tanzanian named Olivia, ended up being a very long conversation. I spent an hour with her as she tried to convince me to let her stay in the apartment for $100 (we are asking $550).  Her story, I am sure, is like a million others in this city: the traffic is horrible, it takes hours to get anywhere, she is always tired from travelling, she fears traffic accidents (which are frequent here) and its near impossible to find affordable accommodation in the city centre. I really feel fortunate to live where we do and that we are able to afford a nice apartment, and I do empathize with her situation…  but, sadly,  we can’t afford ourselves to compromise on the price given our intern salaries. So, I had to turn her away.

We did end up finding a potential other room mate when a women from the US called who is doing her dissertation research in Tanzania.  She seems like she would be a great fit. Here is hoping she decides to stay.